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Steve Farley believes that his duty as an elected official is to be the eyes and ears for his constituents. For all 11 years of his legislative service, he has invested several hours each Tuesday night after a hard legislative day and written an entertaining and informative inside look at how our governor and legislature have worked or not worked, where he stands on issues, and how the public can get involved.

These Farley Reports have been read regularly by thousands of Arizonans all over the state and have helped to engage the public more deeply in policymaking for the common good.



July 11, 2017

Howdy, Friends O’Farley… Welcome to the first off-session Farley Report of 2017. It’s a doozy. Allow me to first apologize for the delay in getting this to you. On June 5th at Tucson’s historic Arizona Inn, I announced that I am running to be your governor in 2018. This first month on the campaign trail… Read more »

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