“Having served in government most of my career, and most recently in the United States Senate, I know what it takes to get good policy across the finish line. Steve Farley is the best choice for the next governor of Arizona because his twelve years in the state legislature has taught him the same lessons I've learned from my decades of service.”
- Dennis DeConcini
“On Steve's first day in the Arizona State Legislature, I was assigned as his mentor, but I soon realized I'd be learning a lot from him too. Serving alongside him is one of the fondest memories of my career and now I'm proud to call him my friend. I am thrilled to endorse Steve because I know the tenacity and depth of knowledge he brings to any challenge, and I cannot wait until he's our next governor.”
- Ann Kirkpatrick
“Steve is the leader our state needs and I know he will work hard to protect Arizonans, including fighting for common sense gun laws that will prevent more large-scale tragedies and mass shootings.”
- Ron Barber
“Steve will bring a passion and dedication to the governor's office that is unmatched by anyone else in the state of Arizona.”
- Harry Mitchell

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