Sierra Vista Herald, Gubernatorial candidate Farley visits Landmark Cafe

SIERRA VISTA — Patrons of Sierra Vista’s Landmark Cafe got a taste of state politics along with their eggs and coffee on Saturday morning.

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Steve Farley visited the popular breakfast spot during a Sierra Vista trip, where he knelt by various tables to chat with locals.

Kelsi Browning, a member of his campaign, said it was one of several recent visits the Tucson-based Democrat had paid to the city.

“We’ve been here quite a few times,” she said. “So we’re just here to talk to people eating their pancakes and tell them why he’s the best fit for governor, and meet people in the area.”

Farley, a current state Senate member who has served in the Arizona Legislature since 2007, said two of the biggest concerns he had heard from Cochise County citizens were the high cost of health care and concerns about education funding. His plans for those issues included reallocating pre-existing money for education and ensuring that the government play a “positive role” in health care, he said.

“There’s so many things we can do to invest in ourselves, and that’s the underpinning of our economy,” he said.

Other issues Farley said he would he address as governor included “working together” with those who disagreed with him and improving border security. He said one way of achieving that would be to increase funds for border sheriffs.

“You don’t just have to trust I’m saying nice things, you can look it up and check out my track record,” said Farley. “People want grown-ups in the room again, people who can solve problems.”

Besides Farley, the Arizona governor race includes Democrats Kelly Fryer and David Garcia and Republicans Ken Bennett and incumbent Doug Ducey.

The Arizona primary elections will be held Aug. 28.

August 17, 2018