Alliance4Action Endorses Steve Farley for Governor

Phoenix, AZ—Today, the Farley for Arizona campaign announced the endorsement of alliance4action (a4a), a citizens activist group based in Arizona.

“Throughout our vetting process–which included an interview, a presentation to our members, a written survey, and a forum–Steve’s unmatched level of advocacy for the progressive issues a4a holds dear shown through.  We are proud to endorse Steve in his race for Arizona Governor and look forward to the positive change he will bring to this state when elected in November,” said Miriam Lindmeier, co-chair of a4a.

A4A joins the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona (PFFAZ) in endorsing Steve Farley in his primary this week.


The alliance4action (a4a) is a citizens activist group that has become a powerful agent for creating and transmitting responses to current and anticipated actions by our State and National governments.

Based in Green Valley, a4a was created by the leadership of changeishappening! (cih!) and the Democratic Club of the Santa Rita Area (DCSRA) in November 2016.

July 11, 2018