National Journal, Arizona Democrat Steve Farley raised $265,000 in the first quarter

By Zach Cohen, 4/4/18

AL GOV: Gov. Kay Ivey (R) raised over $402,000 in March and had $2.1 million on hand as of March 31.

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle (R) raised $137,000 and had $1.4 million.

Evangelist Scott Dawson (R) raised $92,000 and had $321,000 on hand.

State Sen. Bill Hightower (R) raised $71,000 and had $419,000 on hand.

Moving Alabama Forward, a super PAC supporting Battle, raised $20,000 and had $23,000 on hand. (Hotline reporting)

Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox (D) raised $114,000 and had $220,000 on hand.

Former state Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb (D) raised $78,000 and had $191,000 on hand.

AZ GOV: State Sen. Steve Farley (D) raised $265,000 in the first quarter. (release)

MA GOV: Former state Budget Chief Jay Gonzalez (D) raised $26,000 between March 16 and 31 and had $153,000 on hand.

Former Newton Mayor Setti Warren (D) raised $28,000 and had $70,000 on hand.

Environmentalist Bob Massie (D) raised $33,000 and reported $34,000 on hand. (Hotline reporting)

PA GOV: State Sen. Scott Wagner (R) “reported $6.2 million in cash in the bank. … Wagner … gave himself the vast majority of the $2.8 million in contributions he reported, including investment gains on campaign cash. That doesn’t include another $320,000 Wagner clocked for expenses that he footed, largely for air travel, lodging, meals and interest.”

Former health care consultant Paul Mango (R) had $3.3 million on hand and “reported contributions of $573,000. Most of it was from himself and a $200,000 loan that Patrick Hampson, a private equity executive who lives a few blocks from Mango, converted into a campaign contribution.”

Attorney Laura Ellsworth (R) had $434,000 on hand after raising $368,000.

“Of the cash contributions in the most recent period, [Gov. Tom Wolf (D)] claimed nearly $5 million, with roughly half donated by labor unions. He also reported receiving $250,000 apiece from two national Democratic groups — the Democratic Governors Association and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee led by former Attorney General Eric Holder — as well as the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association and Michael G. Rubin, a co-owner of the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers and the NHL’s New Jersey Devils.” (AP)

April 4, 2018