Democratic Candidate for AZ Governor Steve Farley Statement on Newly Proposed Education Funding Plan

“I am glad to see Governor Ducey has walked back his insulting comments that the brave activism of thousands of Arizonans yesterday was simply ‘political theater’ and has and finally released a proposal that is a first step to increase teacher pay,” said State Senator Steve Farley.

“I’ve been fighting for the rights of Arizona educators over my entire career as a legislator. I look forward to now using the Governor’s proposal as a starting point to begin the sorely needed bipartisan work at the state Capitol to solve this issue once and for all.”

“The #RedforEd movement has proven that a couple of billionaire brothers from Kansas are no match against some good old-fashioned organizing and the will of the people. Thank you to all the educators, parents, students, and allies who participated for your fearless leadership.  You truly are an inspiration and I will carry the torch for you as we continue the debate in Phoenix over the coming days.

“But let’s be clear, while it looks like we may have turned the battle in our favor, the fight is never over.  This plan has a long way to go, and many elements can change.

“I implore members of the #RedforEd movement to keep the Legislature’s and the Governor’s feet to the fire, stay active in your communities and remember to bring your power to the ballot box in November.  Our democracy depends upon it.”


Earlier this month, Farley appeared on the floor of the Arizona State Senate advocating for a provision called Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax conformity, arguing it would bring an additional 200-300 million in windfall for the state to address teacher pay increases.  You can see the video here.


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Contact: Kelsi Browning

April 12, 2018