Doug Ducey Bends Over Backward For Fraudulent CEO

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Doug Ducey Bends Over Backward For Fraudulent CEO
Phoenix, AZ- Today, Elizabeth Holmes, the former CEO of Theranos agreed to a $500,000 fine and a 10-year ban on serving as an officer of a company for “massive” and “elaborate, years long fraud.” In 2015, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey aided and abetted Theranos through his efforts to eliminate regulation to “pave the way for consumer lab testing,” ramming through HB 2645 in the Arizona Legislature. The bill passed 26-2 in the Senate with Senator Steve Farley voting no.
Once his law was in place, Ducey gave free rein to Theranos to use their blood-testing scheme to experiment on thousands of Arizonans without their knowledge of the risk.
“On Theranos, I was one of only two legislators who voted no. I don’t think our constituents should be guinea pigs for unproven technology,” Farley wrote in 2016 on his opposition to Governor Ducey’s measure to allow Theranos to operate in Arizona.
“In the eyes of Doug Ducey, the allure of attracting a Silicon Valley company to Arizona outweighed any consideration as to whether Theranos’ product worked or was even safe” Farley said. Farley added “Ducey will do anything for a large company, even if that company’s product can directly cause harm to Arizonans. Frankly, I find the Governor’s silence on Mrs. Holmes and Theranos appalling. Arizonans deserve to know why he has a longstanding policy of protecting corporations — including fraudulent ones — over people.”
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March 21, 2018